søndag 1. november 2009

Fisherman`s Paradise.

Here are litterally millions of places to anchor your boat for a night or two ...,  or...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Viking!!!:)
    Nice to see you! I worryed for you, even I ask Gry if you alright:)

    Ohh My God! You know, I love fishing! Until was a kid I use to go fishing. I never was with boat, only to the coast o rivers and lake.
    I can see, this place, I'm sure have lot of fish:)

  2. Thank you, Robert.
    It`s not only, only. I just came home, almost shivering from cold.

  3. You're taking the boat off the sea?

  4. Took it up last wednesday. I sleep better in winternights then.