torsdag 31. desember 2009

It`s New Years Eve. Take a break.

So long since - and so long till.

mandag 14. desember 2009

From Gry`s Villniss-garden.


lørdag 12. desember 2009

When summer is æons away, one can seek comfort in a greenhouse.

Winter in Norway.

Desember. Jeg gikk ut for å speide etter Julenissen, men naturen var ikke klar.Kanskje et annet år?

It is not the size that counts.

lørdag 28. november 2009

Season`s last.

Lighthouse and harbour. Island in western Norway.

Utsikt til havet.

Det vestligste treet. Shetland neste stop.

The westmost tree.

The death of a camera

Picture born in agony.

This picture killed my beloved camera.

tirsdag 10. november 2009

Fruktsalg ved veien.

Årets siste produkter.

tirsdag 3. november 2009

Small scale fishing.

Little, professional fishing boat.
Also popular as leisure boat, but then with cabin.
Extremely seaworthy boat.

mandag 2. november 2009

Elderly fishingwessel.

Traffic is gradually converting from sea to land.

søndag 1. november 2009

Old fiskerman`s dwelling. Now holyday resort.

A little harbour, well sheltered from the North Sea.
Can you imagine a viking ship hoaled up in the bay?
Just follow the fjord
with your eyes, and you end up at Shetland.
The vikings did.

Fisherman`s Paradise.

Here are litterally millions of places to anchor your boat for a night or two ...,  or...

søndag 18. oktober 2009

Not Waterloo.

Last sivilized station before the wilderness.

onsdag 14. oktober 2009

tirsdag 13. oktober 2009


We share whatever we have.

1.winterday. October 2. 1200 m above sea level.

Maisie loves snowballs that are served on a wall.

mandag 12. oktober 2009

Yak cow.

Ice cold northern wind and snow.
The yak is looking foreward to winter.

Oh no ! I don`t....!

onsdag 30. september 2009

Sunset, oh yes.

In september we hardly saw the sun.
On the last day of the month it gave
us 5 minutes.                                 

mandag 28. september 2009


Once upon a time there were
tree boatsheds an a rural shop ....

Special offers ....

Whatever you demand. Don`t let your chance go by !

A more elaborated shopping senter.

100 years later.

Not quite as newer shops, but it functioned.


søndag 27. september 2009



West, west, west .......

fredag 25. september 2009


"Skigard" is an
old type of fence.

onsdag 23. september 2009

søndag 13. september 2009

Frukt fra Hardanger i bunad.

Høstens budbringere.
Og vakre er de, ikke sant ?

torsdag 30. juli 2009

onsdag 1. juli 2009


Tree boarderline.

At the very top.


I want to go home, I want to go home, oh how
I want to go home ......

Quick lunch.

tirsdag 30. juni 2009

Montain birch. 1 inch.

Leftovers from older times.
Shelter for man and cattle.

Shed for resque sledge.

Chalets and mountain farmhouses.

Mountain chalet.

Tagging the wall..

Weekend in the mountains.

.... and here is the sinner !