mandag 2. november 2009

Elderly fishingwessel.

Traffic is gradually converting from sea to land.

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  1. Hello Viking:)
    Nice background in the photos, I can see the mountains:) You know the picture to the Gry blog, the header on "Willniss", if I remember well the name is Gygrastolen. Gry is told me you were in the top. I love the shape to this mountain.

    have a nice day Viking!
    I'm sick, get a Flo. This raini weather is worst like frost:(

  2. The mountain Gygrastolen has the shape of a Stool, a little chair. A giant woman (troll)
    sat there and made the receccion there. Those mountains are by the way the view from my cabin. I`ll be there a week now. Hope you will soon be better.